The Company was formed by the amalgamation of the talents and experience of individual & well versed in his various fields of activity connected with building construction & facility Management (Development & Maintenance).
Facility Management Associates is a fast growing in construction business.  Facility Management Associates focused on Construction Company even during our formation year, we decided that innovation, and uncompromising commitment to quality & client satisfaction would be our cornerstones.
More 10 years of professional experience, we bring the same passion & expertise to this company as Facility Management as one window operation for our clients.  We are  obliged to serve government, semi government & private project.  We finished all projects successfully with client satisfaction in time.
We have sufficient machinery & man power to handle the major projects.  We are attached detail of all machinery and man power with this.

The construction activities & referred to his clients as ‘Respected Friends.  This philosophy- integrity- concern for quality & service to clients- ability to know, how to do the work & his quality management heraised day by day, the company aim to become a household name in quality construction.  The spectacular rise was in no mean measure due to the pragmatic policies, humbles, demeanor & quality consciousness of Farhan Aziz- C.E.O  Facility Management Associates.
Facility Management Associates with a promise to improve upon the performance exhibited to date.  With his proven record of accomplishment, he brings to the company his varied experience in the facility development & maintenance fields.  He had handled various challenging projects in most trying circumstances successfully.  In addition, in keeping with his philosophy of “SPEED – QUALITY ECONOMY” & giving value of money to the clients, he promoted the company to reduce the overheads associated with large base company.  For unfailing quality in construction, offering maximum value addition for minimum cost, efficient systems of project management, producing high quality work without compromising schedules & budgets, features that grow out of the basic company belief: THAT QUALITY CONSTRUCTION IS MEASURED BY THE QUALITY OF LIFE ITSELF.

Brief Profile Of The Company


    Facility Management Associates mission is to provide knowledgeable, convenient, and reasonably-priced  service to the domestic & Corporate Sector. Facility Management Associates will provide every customer with an honest day's work and will fix anything that is not done right.

Keys to Success

   Treat every customer as if they were the most important customer the business has.
Honestly evaluate the needed skills for a job, passing it onto a contractor if it is too difficult as opposed to taking on a job that cannot be completed perfectly.
Work hard, guarantee all work and promote 100% customer satisfaction, if this is done profitability will fall into place.

How We Get it

HSSE /Quality Control  & Assurance System
Project Execution Methodology
Customer is always Right